Sell to Us or Trade-In

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  • Broome Engineering can reduce the cost impact of a new assembly equipment purchase by offering top market value for your used equipment. Whether you’d like to sell your existing assets or work with us trade them in towards new equipment, we’ll ease the end-of-life transition by packing your equipment and removing it from your facility.

    Why sell your equipment to Broome Engineering?

    • Competitive prices
    • Free appraisals
    • Direct purchase or trade-ins on remanufactured or new equipment
    • De-installation
    • Shipping

    We pay CASH, up-front for single machines, complete production lines, even entire plant liquidations:

    • Through-Hole

      • Radial Inserters
      • Axial Inserters (VCD Sequencers)
      • Jumper Wire
      • DIP
      • Peripherals
      • Tooling, spare parts

      Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

      • Genesis SC Platforms
      • Advantis XS Platforms
      • Innova & DDF feeders
    • Surface Mount

      • Genesis Platforms
      • Advantis Platforms
      • HSPs
      • Sub-systems (heads, cameras, etc.)
      • Peripherals (feeders, calibration kits, etc.)
      • Tooling, spare parts
      • Off-brand equipment (Fuji, Mydata, etc.)


      • Conveyors/board handling
      • Screen printers
      • Ovens
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